Thursday, April 8, 2010

Football Time

Toddler ages: 25 months, 25 months

Materials you'll need:
-as many footballs as you have toddlers

...and I say this, because we only had one, and definitely could have used more. Even so, there were many moments of fun. Check it out...

First of all, it helps if you have a beautiful park two blocks from where you're visiting...


...and to have two teenage helpers who are on vacation for Spring break...


The two teenagers both have great arms and were able to throw the football very far across the park, after which the twins chased it for more than half an hour...


Twin A tired long before Twin B did, and came and sat with me at the picnic table as I nursed the newborn...


This is definitely something we will be doing again, but with two footballs! Thanks for listening.


  1. Looks like they had fun! Great idea to help kids get tired!

  2. We don't have television, lol. Love the idea though.