Sunday, May 2, 2010

Helping With Lunch Time

Toddler ages: 26 months, 26 months, 3.5 years

Materials you'll need:
-the ingredients for a simple meal

Cooking with toddlers is something I've posted about before, but it's always nice to have a reminder. The 3-year-old and I made a simple mac 'n' cheese lunch with sweet potatoes on the side. Here's how it went...

One of the things the 3-year-old is best at is stirring, in this case, the macaroni and cheese sauce...


I then opened up the sweet potato cans and he poured them into the pot...


However, the pot we chose was too small, so we had to transfer to a bigger pot...

sweet potatos

Ah, just right.

After the lunch was made, it was clean-up time, and the 3-year-old had so much fun wiping the island, that he sang as he went...


Don't you forget to include your kids in meal preparation, too! It's not always the quickest, easiest, neatest way, but the rewards are worth it. Thanks for listening.

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