Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strawberry-Picking Time

Toddler ages: 30 months, 30 months, 4 years

Materials you'll need:
-a strawberry (or any kind of berry) field new you

We have a small patch of our garden dedicated to strawberries. We call it the strawberry field and the toddlers love nothing more than to go out and pick strawberries to bring back. The only problem is that they never bring back any, but eat every last one they pick. That's okay, though, because it combines TV-Free time with snack time! If you don't have a berry patch, find one near you and ask the owner if your kids can pick. Great life lessons can be learned from eating food straight from the source. Enjoy!



  1. I am impressed that you are able to garden and cook homemade food and be a mom to many! I have much to learn! Looks like your boys had fun.

  2. Rachel, honestly, it is my husband who does all the gardening, and he does an amazing job!

  3. I just took my daughter apple picking at a local orchard! We had soo much fun and now have tons of apples to try out different recipes with!!