Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laying on a Quilt Outside Time

Toddler ages: 28 months, 28 months, 4 years

Materials you'll need:
-a quilt

While visiting Grandpa and Grandma a few evenings ago, the 4 four and under thought they'd relax on a comfy quilt on the freshly-mowed lawn...


TV-Free Toddler Time can't get any easier than that!


  1. This looks like a perfect idea for this sunny afternoon- I might just enjoy it too-There was a little promise of spring after -4'C OVERNIGHT so a stretch in the sun will thaw us out!!

  2. Can I make another TV Free suggestion?? Paint popcorn or marshmallows! Pop some popcorn (preferrably air popped!) & use either evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk (if you want that extra sugar). Then put about a spoonful of either milks in a mini muffin tin or bathroom sized paper cups & add food coloring. Give the kids clean paint brushes & let them have fun! It's an activity & a snack all in one!
    Laurie B