Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Week's Featured TV-Free Toddler Time Mom and The Smiley Face List

I am so happy to announce that this week's featured TV-Free Toddler Time Mom is Quirky Momma!

Quirky Momma did a post about 5 activities she did with her toddler, including setting up a pretend library...

I know my twins would LOVE this activity! Her other ideas were...

-Build tents and caves
-Play with play dough
-Dress up and pretend or dance to music
-Play with old shoes

For lots of fun photos, and many other ideas, go HERE. Thank you so much, Quirky Momma for your helpful post and I know lots of us will have fun trying these activities!

Now, for...

Again, unfortunately, no one made the smiley face list this week...not even me! We'll have to try again next week!

Thanks so much for your visit today and don't forget to email me if you qualify for the Smiley Face list or would like to be the featured blogger next week! Thanks for listening!

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