Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chopstick and Sock Time

Toddler ages: 24 months, 24 months, 3.5 years

Materials you'll need:

The goal of this activity was to teach dexterity by having the toddlers pick up socks with chopsticks...

First they had to figure out the chopsticks...

They really never did figure out how to pick up socks with chopsticks, but they did try to put socks on their hands...

This was one of those activities that didn't go as planned, but was still somewhat fun and didn't involve a TV. Thanks for listening.


  1. Now I know why the socks were all over the floor.......

  2. I think chopsticks can be a fun tool to work on hand-eye coordination. You can purchase *trainer* chopsticks that I found to be good for my 3 little ones. These chopsticks ar connected at the top. My kids have a couple of styles--the best are connected with a soft rubber piece. It's fun to have counting games picking up dry beans! Maybe something for when your little ones are a bit older.

  3. Rebecca, this is really good to know! Where might one purchase these special chopsticks?

  4. These are the ones that I own:

    Or just google *chopstick kids* and the link should pop up!