Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sticker Time

Toddler ages: 24 months, 24 months, 25 months, 3.5 years

Materials you'll need:

To do this activity, have your toddler stick stickers on paper. Easy!

Here's a sample of the stickers we used...

And today we had a visitor join us...

He, along with the 3 three and under, had a great time!

Picking out which sticker to stick on was fun...

Sticking on the stickers was fun...

And having our visitor's pretty mom help was fun...

Our visitor did a great job on his project...

Hope you have as much fun as we did!


  1. My kids love stickers too. The four year old especially likes to create patterns - or patterins- as she calls them. I think I need to go get me some stickers today!

  2. I love it! That was a fun idea. Thanks.