Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Empty Wrapping Paper Roll Time

Toddler ages:  22 months, 22 months

Materials you'll need:
-empty wrapping paper roll
-small food pieces
-paper or plastic plate

This idea came to me when I was trying to figure out how to make a long race car track for the twins' cars. I realized my mother had some nearly empty wrapping paper rolls, so I took off the scant remaining paper and tested it out. The twins' cars wouldn't fit. I then looked around to try to find something that would fit, but then I remembered that once I read an article that said if an object is small enough to fit through a toilet paper roll, it is small enough to be a choking hazard.

I couldn't do a post which involved a choking hazard, so rather than use small objects to shoot down the tube, I choose edible objects....these peanut butter filled pretzels, in fact...

We leaned the wrapping paper roll against an end table, placed a paper plate at the bottom and let the pretzels fly. Here's how it went...

...and again...

Time for a snack break...

...then back to work...

This was fun and we'll be looking for other empty wrapping paper roll ideas! Thanks for listening.


  1. Sort of fits the good ole saying about the kids having more fun playing with the box the gift came in ;-p

    My boys used to LOVE playing "band" with empty containers. Three types of horns came via three sized empty tubes - toilet paper, paper towel, and gift wrap. Two types of drums came via empty cardboard egg cartons and upside down oat conatiners. Oh, empty toilet paper rolls also make wondeful micraphones! ;-D

    p.s. - I have one sheer curtin which is the same pattern as your mom's curtins, that I had picked up at Goodwill (of course o;->). I use it as a tablecloth - layed out on top of solid color clothes. Depending on what color is underneath totally changes the look! On top of white it looks romanticish,on top of navy it looks classy. Etc.

  2. Ingenious!
    And nice idea that of Cheryl B. about the courtains/table cloth.
    Thanks for sharing.