Saturday, December 26, 2009

Traveling Time

Toddler ages: 22 months, 22 months

Materials you'll need:
-wet wipes
-baby books

If you read my other blog, you'll know that we are currently traveling in Central Texas....yes, all ten of us. This is the first long trip the twins have taken, and while I don't have any amazing tips for traveling with 8 children, 3 of whom are 3 and under, here are a couple of things that kept the little ones happy for a time....

Wet wipe time:
For this activity, we simply handed each twin a wet wipe to wipe himself after a particularly sticky treat. Here is the fun they had...

Twin A placing wet wipes on head...

Twin B placing wet wipes on shoe...

Twin B hiding wet wipes behind head...

Reading time:

This activity obviously goes without too much explanation, but I did want to let you know which books they received from their grandma for Christmas and are completely in love with, and sleep with every night...

Like I said, these ideas are nothing spectacular, but they worked for us for at least some of the 11-hour drive! Thanks for listening!

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  1. Yeah! I did it every day this week:
    Monday: My 3 yo and 18 mo old and I went to the Library for story time and made crafts
    Tuesday: Shopping day (does that count? :) They helped me (ha ha) with a lot of things!
    Wednesday: My 3 yo helped me make apple pie (while the 18 mo slept)
    Thursday: Lots of family time, but we re-inacted the Nativity and the boys were Shepherds :)
    Friday: Had lots of fun playing with new toys together
    Saturday: Went on a family walk/bike ride together
    Sunday: My 3 yo helped make our crock pot dinner and read lots of stories together

    Thanks for helping ME be accountable too! :)