Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Racing Time

Toddler ages: 22 months, 22 months

Materials you'll need:
-tennis shoes
-toddler traveling toy, such as a car, trike, etc. (optional)

Note: if you don't have more than one toddler, then you will actually have to be involved in the racing rather than just sitting at the finish line.

So I had the bright idea the twins would like to race in their Little Tykes cars. I set them up at the end of our entry way like so...

Twin A was happy to enter into his car to prepare for the rally...

...but Twin B had a different feeling...

...and made it known that although he would humor me by getting into the car once, he wasn't going to stay in and participate in the race...

Okay, so this was a bad idea, but although Twin B didn't want to car race, he did want to get into varying positions and have his brother imitate him...

This sparked a brilliant idea. Since Twin B obviously wanted to use his body for entertainment, he and Twin A could do foot races!

I lined them up against the broom closet in the same entry way, told them to stay...

...then ran to the other end of the entryway...

...then yelled for them to go!

The strange thing was that they refused to race each other, insisting that one go first, lunge into my arms when he reached me at the other end of the entry way, then run back. Here's how it went...

At some point, the twins stopped needing to lunge into me and ran past me. See the blur on the right?

Yes, that's Twin B, but his brother was only to be left behind for a minute..

After this activity, as I mentioned to a friend in a Blog Frog forum, we were so tired that we needed to sit down and watch a movie when we were done. At least this 30 minutes was spent TV-free!

Stay tuned tomorrow for how things fare with edible playdough!

Oh, and P.S. If you've blogged about one of your TV-Free Toddler Time activities, make sure to send me an email (posted on the sidebar) by this Saturday so you can be in the running for the featured TV-Free Toddler Time Mom of the week!


  1. Just a funny-Thoes Little Tyke cars are the top selling car in the U.S.!

  2. Really? Even like more than Ford F-150s? lol!

  3. I teach nursery on Sunday and racing is a big hit in there. WE have to be careful because obviously it is not very reverent but fun just the same!!