Thursday, December 24, 2009

Food Sorting Time

Toddler ages: 22 months, 22 months

Materials you'll need:
-six different finger foods (we used craisins, Cheerios, banana slices, fresh blueberries, chicken pieces, and pretzels)
-6-cup muffin tin
-cookie sheet or non-breakable plate

This time, as I pondered how this activity would go, I kept my expectations very low, so there would be no disappointments, as per THIS post.

It was lunch time, and instead of dealing with two messy high chairs and having to sweep and mop the floor all over again, we did this as a combination TV-Free Toddler Time and Lunch Activity. Here's how it went...

I placed all the finger food in groups on a cookie sheet...

I then placed the twins' muffins tins on the table next to where they would be sitting...

(As you can see, my mother didn't have any 6-cup tins, so we had to use a 12-cup tin for each twin.)

Before I would let them eat anything, I carefully showed them how to place the different kinds of food in different cups, and I think there was one time when Twin A put a blueberry in a cup...

...but the rest of the time, they just ate the food...

But this is where the benefit of having low expectations was felt. It was okay! I didn't expect much, the 14-year-old girl told me that it wouldn't work, and they made a significantly smaller mess than they usually do during lunch time!

We will definitely be doing lunch like this again in the near future. AND, I saved the tray of leftovers for an easy snack after nap time! For the record, I reallly do think an older toddler would enjoy this activity and actually sort the food. The 3-year-old was out of town, though, so couldn't be my guinea pig. Thanks for listening!

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