Sunday, December 27, 2009

This Week's Featured TV-Free Toddler Time Mom and the Smiley Face List

I am so happy to announce that this week's featured TV-Free Toddler Time Mom is Katie at "Our Wonderful Life"!

When moms are in charge of doing TV-free activities, we do things like make edible play dough or finger paints, soda bottle bowling or toy box time. When dads are in charge they do things like dress up the kids in their winter coats, get the sleds out, and if they don't have a hill nearby, they make their own! Click HERE to see how Katie's husband spent time with their toddlers, while she took awesome photos (which were protected, so I couldn't snag them), and made his own fun (and his own hill!) at the same time!

Thank you so much, Katie, for blogging about time well spent with your children. You are an inspiration!

Now, for...

This week we had two toddler moms who made the smiley face list...

-Jen @ 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven, Mega-Family Blogs and 365 Days of TV-Free Toddler Time
-Coralee @ The Bernard Family

Yeah! And you know what? I have to admit that this is quite a difficult task to accomplish. I really had to calculate and plan far in advance how I would spend at least 30 minutes of quality time each day with my 3 three and under. This was especially difficult during the week before Christmas, as we were doing lots of different activities with extended family members, doing last minute shopping, preparing extra meals and wrapping presents. However, I did accomplish it, and this has given me motivation to keep it up. I also need to thank all of you who follow this blog and give me the encouragement I need to blog my activity every night, even if it's something as simple as toy box time. Not all of you leave comments, but I can see how many visits I receive each day, and just knowing you were here is enough to keep me inspired to find fun ways to spend time with my kids every day and blog about it! So thank you for being here for me!

Again thanks for your visit today and don't forget to email me if you qualify for the Smiley Face list or would like to be the featured blogger next week! Thanks for visiting!


  1. I'm really enjoying this blog Jen. My 16 month old twins and I played with an empty wrapping paper roll and toy cars yesterday after being inspired by your post earlier this week. There was lots of belly laughs and squeals of delight as the cars rolled down the tube and I exclaimed "Wooooo!". Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  2. Yeah! I did it every day this week:
    Monday: My 3 yo and 18 mo old and I went to the Library for story time and made crafts
    Tuesday: Shopping day (does that count? :) They helped me (ha ha) with a lot of things!
    Wednesday: My 3 yo helped me make apple pie (while the 18 mo slept)
    Thursday: Lots of family time, but we re-inacted the Nativity and the boys were Shepherds :)
    Friday: Had lots of fun playing with new toys together
    Saturday: Went on a family walk/bike ride together
    Sunday: My 3 yo helped make our crock pot dinner and read lots of stories together

    Thanks for helping ME be accountable too! :)

  3. Emily, thank you so very much for taking the time to post your comment and let me know that you had fun with one of my silly ideas! That means so much to me and makes the time I invest in this blog all worth it!

  4. Coralee....awesome! Thank you so much for letting us know about all of your activities and for your inspiration. You are now on the list!